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cheap cheapwhen is a phone not a phone? When it’s a PC that gives you FREE phone calls.

Free? Forever? Are we absolutely sure?

Couldn’t be surer. Freewire phone is what the techies call VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol system. Basically, all your calls go through your University’s internet connection.

So you can natter with mates in your halls of residence all night for nothing and with your old school friends at other Unis that also have Freewire.

If your family sign up too, you can even get all the goss from home completely free of charge too. Basically, any PC with an internet connection, anywhere in the world can become a Freewire phone.

It’s only when you call non-Freewire phones that you have to pay. (Sorry, their rules, not ours.) And even then, we’ve kept it below 1p per minute in the UK and some other countries. Have a look at our call rates to find out more.

Freewire soft phone

So how does it all work? Instead of a conventional handset, you get a ‘virtual’ phone on your PC screen. It does everything a normal phone does, and has a few extra little tricks up its sleeve besides.

You can hear people on the other end through your PC speakers, and they can hear you through your computer’s microphone.

Phone bills? Handsets? ‘They’re sooo last year darling…’